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DIVERSE is published four times a year in Canada by Pictorial Power Publication an independent publishing company.




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We believe Canadian multiculturalism contributes not only to shaping the national identity of Canada, but encourages us to find other examples in the world. Multiculturalism helps us learn about cultures as we broaden and improve our thoughts and attitudes towards others. Fundamentally, this means being conscious of the universal connection of humans regardless of race, language, nationality and heritage. We become aware of the responsibility of living together in respect and openness.


  • To inspire and encourage Canadians to explore the value in the diversity found in Canadian heritage
  • To create a forum for Canadians to discuss the ever growing issues found in multiculturalism
  • To build up visual representation of multicultural Canada, full of diverse styles of living and philosophy

DIVERSE Editorial contents

DIVERSE is a new Canadian multicultural awareness Magazine with a strong focus on art, culture and heritage.Mens Watches

Each issue offers stories on artists and art reviews that focus on cultural complexity and identity. Various ethnic groups are highlighted to show their distinct cultural heritages, both historical and social.

We support people, institutions and organizations who are devoted to influence Canadian culture, both locally and internationally.

With strong visual content, we will emphasize the aesthetic appreciation of Canadian culture. We offer our readers the opportunity to re-think the heritage that is inherited from our parents and explore its potential value for the next generation.

We will cover ethnic communities throughout Canada in an unbiased way. We highlight Canadian diversity with a positive viewpoint;  however, we also portray the issues surrounding multiculturalism in Canada in order to provoke healthy dialogue for all.



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